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Five Fundamental Questions For You, The Owner-Manager

Three Fundamental Questions For You, The Successor


Succession planning for Canadian companies is today’s hot topic, whether the goal is to keep the company in the family, to sell it to management and employees, or to sell it to a third party. Why?

  1. Because many Canadian SMEs are directly affected by succession planning.
    • According to the 2006 Labour Force Survey (LFS), 24% of owner-managers in Canadian companies were over the age of 54 and 40% were over the age of 49.
    • If we consider that most of them are expected to retire at an average of 60, we can assume that 40% of owner-managers will exit their business in the next 10 years and 57% in the next 15 years. If we apply these numbers to 2009, 40% are expected to retire in the next 7 years and 57% in the next 12 years!
  2. Because companies are vulnerable when they change executives and owners. The challenges that companies face in the transition to a new generation are numerous. The large number of SMEs that fail concerns many of us.


Who are we

We are a network of 1) academics and 2) private partners at the service of current SME owner-managers and the future owners who will assure continuity.

  1. Chair of Small and Medium-size Business Development and Succession - HEC Montr%uFFFDal
  2. National Bank of Canada
    BCF, Lawyers, Patent and Trademark Agents
    Solidarity Fund QFL
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
    SECOR Group
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The Lifeline 

Where is your family headed? Your company? Its ownership?

The Shopping list

Has the transmission process for the company been initiated? Has it been initiated from the owner-manager position? from the successor position? from the company position? from the ownership position?

Questionnaire on the reasons motivating you to become an entrepreneur

Glossary of Professional Jargon

Worksheets for the Owner

Worksheets for the Successor